The Top 3 Travel Benefits of Working in the Travel Industry

Looking For a Career With Travel Benefits?  Look No Further.

At heart, we all want the same thing: to turn our passion into a profession.

At Direct Travel Academy, we’ve done that ourselves, and we’re hoping to share our journey to career fulfillment with everyone else who might also have a passion for travel.

While working in the travel industry is a benefit in itself, there are several other particularly interesting perks that will make you want to change your career path today:

1. You’ll Spend Time at Fun, Luxurious Resorts

While you won’t do this every day, and while you won’t necessarily be resting while you do it, you’ll get to experience the resort, and the adventure within it, first-hand.

These learning events will help you understand the intricacies of each specific location you visit and study. You’ll take note of the amenities and interesting nearby places as you develop your understanding of the industry. 

You’ll witness resort weddings, discover the best family activities, and much more! 

Most importantly, this will give you the opportunity to share your fantastic personal experience with your eventual customers. 

2. You’ll Get to Bring a Travel Companion 

Travel Advisors enjoy free or discounted trips for themselves, and sometimes, their families too.  Many of our advisors also say that experiencing destinations and resorts for yourself comes in very helpful when planning vacations for customers.

3. You’re Rewarded with Complimentary Stays

Those working within the travel industry have the opportunity to take advantage of the occasional complimentary stay at your preferred destinations. Who doesn’t love a free vacation?

Reasons Why We Take Advantage of Off-Season Travel Opportunities

Many of these benefits are available during the off-season. To be totally transparent, if a resort can sell out to the public, then they probably won’t offer reduced-rate travel during these times.

However, there are several benefits to traveling during the off-season. 

    • It’s more budget-friendly- If you’re passionate about travel, you probably already understand that it usually makes more financial sense to travel to your favorite destinations during the off-season. Who wouldn’t want cheaper food, flights, and fun?
    • It’s less crowded- Less tourism means that you get to experience the location without interruption and huge crowds.

Live Like the Locals

Traveling in the off-season allows you to understand and immerse yourself in the daily lives of those who live there every single day.

Direct Travel Academy students and employees frequently travel to many national and international locations multiple times a year.

This is something that simply couldn’t be done if we weren’t in the travel industry.

Why Direct Travel Academy?

  • At Rejuvia, you learn from experienced travel advisors at an industry-leading travel agency.
  • All courses are available online, so you can learn stress-free and at your own pace. Pretty neat, huh?

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